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Residential Schools vs. Day Boarding Schools

  • 02 Feb 2021
  • Him Academy
School is a social institution.  The role of a school is to transform the society by imparting knowledge. In olden days there happened to be Gurukuls.  Today’s Residential schools can be compared with those Gurukuls in the past where learners lived within premises while being given formal education of the holy scriptures and weapons.
Today we have two types of educational institutions, day boarding schools and boarding schools.  In the day boarding schools, the learners remain in the school for a specified period; take part in curricular and co-curricular activities after which they go back to their respective homes.  However, in boarding schools, the educands get both lodging and boarding during the school term. The role of both the schools is the same and that is ‘holistic development of the learners or transformation of the society by imparting knowledge’.  
So now the question arises:
 ‘Is a residential school better than a day boarding school?
 It is a million-dollar question and I personally feel it would be difficult to reach at the conclusion in favour of a particular kind of school. There are different parameters to compare these two institutions like educational environment, finances, affordability, credibility, guarantee, and much more.  But if I am asked to choose the better one, I would go for the residential school keeping in view the role assigned to a school by the society, ‘complete growth of a child’. In residential schools, a child gets that kind of environment which contributes a lot to his mental, physical, and particularly emotional growth.

The foremost reason that makes residential schools a better option than day schools is the fact that they inculcate a sense of responsibility, punctuality, cooperation, accountability, and discipline in the learners.  Though, these values are also taught to the children in the day boarding schools yet in residential schools students are made to put these into practice while living away from their parents in a hostel.
There is no denying the fact that a good hostel plays a very important role in education by providing right conditions for the development of the whole personality of the individual child. A child is not born human. But he possesses in the hidden form, certain potentialities and is provided with the power of growth.  It is the function and concern of education to develop that hidden potential in the child and to transform his original nature into human nature.  This function of education can best be achieved by providing the child a decent hostel, which would help him develop such qualities as are desirable and curb those that are undesirable.  Hostel provides conditions for sharpening mental faculties.  It develops qualities like tolerance, sympathy, co-operation, moral courage and flexibility.  In short, it helps greatly in socializing and humanizing pupils.

Onkar Dutt Sharma