Him Academy School

Hybrid classes to beat Pandemic Woes

  • 02 Feb 2021
  • Him Academy
I rise to defend the classroom: that traditional venue where the students sit, the teacher declaims and the educational technology has hardly advanced in centuries. This old-fashioned arrangement has been abandoned in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, all of us, learners and teachers, have been reduced to tiles on a screen, competing for attention with all the distracting detritus of the digital age.
Let me be clear: I deny neither the dangers of the pandemic nor the utility of the virtual classroom in this moment. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge what online learning misses.
1. Physical presence allows the instructor to read the room. The delivery of the material must be tailored, day by day and even minute by minute, to the classroom dynamic.
2. In the physical classroom, students are less likely to be distracted and more likely to learn.
3. Humor. In the classroom, even my bad jokes can be an asset. One doesn’t want to be a standup comic but, when properly deployed, humor can work well, clarifying examples and theories and smoothing the experience for nervous students.
As it is rightly said that adaptability and continuous learning is the need of the hour. Him Academy Public School adapted itself to 'the new normal' and proved itself to be the pioneer in the field of online education in the state. After proving its mettle in virtual classrooms, now is the time to make the best of both Worlds. As we are moving towards the reopening of schools, it’s time to combine our new learnings with the old ones, to bring forward an amalgamation of the online and offline classroom. I agree that the pandemic brought with itself many changes but one thing remained constant in Him Academy which is the will to deliver the best education possible. Let's hope that now when we enter our school premises, we enter as more evolved individuals with a rekindled zeal to learn.
Ms. Shilpa Thakur
TGT English