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Benefits of Residential Schools

  • 21 Jan 2021
  • Him Academy

Residential schools have been popular in India since the ancient time of Gurukuls where students used to stay with their teachers. In today’s time also the concept of residential schools is gaining acceptance. These schools offer several advantages as mentioned below:

All-round Student Development:

Academic Excellence alone is not the key to success in the 21st century. To be successful in today’s world an individual must possess 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  Residential schools provide opportunities to learn these skills and focus on the all-round development of a child. Along with studies, children get in-depth exposure to several activities such as sports, games, physical fitness, music, dance, art, drama, debate, and many more. All these activities are available under one roof and so the child can make choice as per his/her interest.  Moreover, the child can spend ample time learning and excelling in an activity.

Proper Discipline and Life Skill Training:

 Children follow a structured schedule in a residential school. They have a fixed time for waking up, studying, eating, recreation and sleeping. This teaches them to be self- disciplined and punctual. Also, the children living in residential schools must do all their work without anyone’s help. This makes them self-reliant.

A residential school is like a home away from home. Here children learn and grow in a safe and secure environment. They get trained for essential etiquette, manners, and social skills. This boosts up their confidence and makes them competent to deal with various challenges of life.

Personal Attention:


In a residential school, each child is attended personally. Since the overall responsibility of a child’s learning as well as physical well-being lies with the school so, the hostel staff puts painstaking efforts like a parent to monitor the overall progress of the child.

Best Utilisation of Time:

There is no scope for wastage of time in a residential school. Entire day of the child is woven around a well-defined daily routine. Children get sufficient time for studying as well as for personality development. They are also able to get their study related doubts removed as the teacher support is readily available to them.  Instead of spending time unnecessarily on electronic gadgets or loitering uselessly, residential school students are always fruitfully engaged in one activity or the other.