Why We Teach?

  • 16 Jan 2021
  • Him Academy

Teaching is considered as one of the noble professions in the world. But, have we ever been curious to know the real reason as to why we teach?

Apparently, we teach to save time because we feel that the students cannot do it all. Also, we teach because we think that we know it right. In today’s educational scenario, is saving time still the real reason to teach?

There was a time when knowledge was not easily accessible. So, teaching to save time was a need. Thinking that teachers know it right was valid. Feeling that students cannot do it all was true. However, in today’s era knowledge is growing exponentially and is readily available. So, thinking that classroom is the primary source of knowledge and teacher the purveyor of knowledge is absurd.

On the contrary, teachers need to honor and value of the time that the students spend in our classrooms. They must devote it to real teaching, which means teaching how to learn, which is also what education was supposed to do in the first place. So, the real purpose of teaching is to enable learning. At no point of time the teacher should be spoon feeding the information to the students. Need of the hour in the wake of latest National education Policy is to train students to explore, inquire, think, solve and create rather than to learn by rote.

Dr.(Mrs) Himanshu Sharma
Principal (Academics)