Our Miniature Society

Our Miniature Society

  • 09 Feb 2021
  • Him Academy
Kindergarten is a German word which implies children“s Garden. In HAPS the kindergarten is like a miniature society  that discover  their individualities  in relation to others.

Frobel conceived the school as a garden, the teacher as a gardener and the students as tender plants. The teacher is to look after the little human plants and water them to grow to the beauty of perfection.

ECCE (Early childhood Care Education) educators discovered much similarity between a child and a plant.

Our school“s kindergarten is a miniature society where the children not only discovered their  individualities  but they develop here  the reading skill,  develop  cognitive and psychomotor abilities and early literacy and numeracy. Our children also develop  logical thinking and problem solving  skills, develop ethical, moral and aesthetic values through Seva Program  for all round development.

 We believe nurturing the Tiny Tots with their holistic development during their 3 to 6 years age group which are the pre-requisite for later success in school and life.
It is  their first stage of organised education.
 Our Motto"Play, learn and grow together".

Swati Thakur.