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Boarding School Vs Day School: Making a Right Choice

  • 03 Feb 2021
  • Him Academy
One very important decision that every parent has to take in ensuring that his child gets the best education. It is about the choice of school and whether it should be a day school or a boarding school.

 How can you make the right choice?

School is the first exposure a child gets for formal education. It is a place nurtures, encourages and spurs creativity, imagination and true learning.  It ought also to be that one space which attracts and inspires. This is a complex task for the parents to choose between a Residential School and a Day Boarding School. How and on what basis is the parent to decide whether to send his child away or to keep him at home?
 Let us examine some truths about both the systems of education by throwing  some light on this justifiable mystification

Here are some plain and simple truths that could be advantageous or not depending on one“s point of view.

Boarding School Education

There are many arguments In favour of a Boarding School education that could or could not be beneficial depending on one“s point of view. At an early age interacting and communicating with people is very important for a child“s personal and social life and can especially be helpful for his or her future. In a boarding school, shy children can take advantage of interaction through communal activities. Boarding school fosters Independence by living away from home and from the protective cocoon of parents and family. Generally boarding schools are able to instill a sense of freedom, Independence and confidence that hard to match if a student attends day School.
 The focus in most boarding schools extends far beyond academic or scholastic excellence .The emphasis is on holistic development with the number of extracurricular activities such as sports, dramatics and debating. Students can do better in boarding school  and hence their personalities get a better opportunities than at a day school.
 Activities like trekking, cycling, rafting and other excursions are a regular feature of a good boarding school calendar.
In boarding schools there is total transformation in students’ life style. They will come out as Individuals who can survive on very little luxury. Boarding schools initiate tremendous bonding and genuine ethos of shared living that can become lifelong qualities in a student. Boarding schools provide a wonderful opportunity for inter-community interaction and living.
 A boarding school also foster a very strong brotherhood/ sisterhood and post school bonding and tight-knit alumni is an excellent and loyal network for lifetime. Commonly a lot  stronger than  those of day school.

Day School Education

 The biggest and most obvious advantage of a day school education is that a parent has his ward at home with him. This is a great feeling for the parent and the child, he gets to see his children every night at home. A day school is much cheaper than boarding school.
The only real disadvantage we could think of is as day school generally places many more demands on your time, so it may be ideal if you have a busy career that makes it difficult for you to devote the necessary time to take your children to places, cooking meals or supervising homework. Unless the
school is within walking distance, you may have to drive your children to school and pick them up every day, to say nothing of extracurricular activities, which may not take place at a day school. Day schools also tend to accept more parental involvement in things like Parent Teacher Association which you may not have time to take part in.

 So which should I choose?

If money isn“t object for you, and you want your child to be totally immersed in an educational environment and/ or you have a busy career yourself, boarding school has much to offer and it“s worth seriously considering it. As we have seen, there are a great many benefits to a boarding school education that your child won“t receive in a conventional day school education.

Bharti Sharma